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Date: 10/15/2011

I always start the October Newsletter, by stating how busy and fast last summer was… and this summer has been extremely fun…with all kinds of special events, and great memories, from an Alaska Cruise to a Car Cruise to Roslyn with a Car Show and BBQ by the river. This summer I attended a lot of shows all over the area, critiquing the host club’s organization. That being said, I would like to thank our Club members that volunteered their time and energy, with a great attitude toward team work. We again hosted a very successful King Charley’s Show. Thanks to all.

At this summer’s Car shows or when I see an Elky owner on the street or a parking lot, I will try to introduce myself and explain about the Club, when the opportunity is appropriate... because one of the Club’s goals is to visit with and invite some interest from non-members... thru our Club’s business cards, website and newsletters. There is a large group of El Camino owners in the area, and the goal is to bring awareness of our Club and our activities as to our meetings, cruises, Shows, etc.

The Club’s Fall newsletter will feature an article and photos of Our Club’s participation in the Yesterdays Chevelle & El Camino Show at Les Gove Park in Auburn. We had a great day showing off our El Caminos and came out with some fun memoirs. Matt Forsythe‘s article explains the fun-filled day for the Club members that attended Yesterdays’ Show. The newsletter will also feature Matt Brown’s 1970 El Camino with article and photos. What a great way to show off our Member's El Caminos, by featuring them in the "My Ride" sections of the newsletter and web site!

I would like to remind everyone, that Nominations for 2012 officers will be scheduled at our November meeting. Installation of newly elected officers will be effective in January. Also, Annual Club renewal of dues are due by January. I truly believe one of our Club’s best attributes is that our members share their commitment to having open communications and their views & talents with other members. These fine attributes of our talented Club members are what helps us form the Club’s website, newsletters articles, activities, cruises, and more.

Hey, members – your suggestions and input about these subjects are important as always. Feel free to contact any of our officers with your thoughts.

My Two Seat Sweet Ride… Carl

Even during hard times, a Heart of Gold and a
Million Dollar Smile Never loose their Value!