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El Camino Classics Car Club

The El Camino Classics Club is looking forward to adding more new members as one of our biggest goals, and adding more activities, with monthly cruises, the King Charley's Show, and local members hosting the upcoming monthly meeting at their residences. This is so we can just have some fun while socializing as a Club. El Camino Classics is doing this through the newsletters and this web site. There is a large group of El Camino owners in the area and the goal is to bring awareness to our Club and our activities with the items listed above.

One of the more interesting ways to get attention to the Club is to show off a member's vehicle with an article about what is, has, or is to be done to one of our member's cars. This may include information of before and after photos of a restoration project that has been done or is in the works. What better way is there to show off our members' El Caminos than this?

Any Members interested in showing off their El Camino?

The Club needs our members participation to be featured in one of the upcoming newsletters for the My Ride section. If in the past you have featured (or not) your El Camino and now have some new restoration, paint, engine, trim, tires/wheels, upholstery changes, etc... We would love to see and hear about your changes and or project updates to your El Camino. Please contact the Director for more information on how to get your El Camino featured in an upcoming newsletter of the Club.