My Ride



As the summer ends, I look back to a very busy summer, starting with our June’s King Charley’s Show. With some weekend planning, I was able to attend a lot of local Northwest car shows. This provided me the opportunity to meet a lot of Classic Car lovers, and as I visited with these Car owners, I was able to share that I was a member of the El Camino Classics. I did find out that a majority of the Chevy guys are aware of our Club and the King Charley’s Show. This finding is understandable, the fact that our Club is going on its 18th year… and looking forward to another fun and successful year.

This year, one of our Club goals is to invite some interest from non-members... thru our website and newsletters. There is a large group of El Camino owners in the area, and the goal is to bring awareness of our Club and our activities as meetings, cruises, shows, etc.

To become a vibrant and successful club, will come from our member's interests and their commitment to having open communications and to share their views and talents with other members... And from the Club member’s discussions and consensus with help forming the Club’s activities and cruises.

The Fall Club newsletter will feature Ken’s 1980 El Camino with article and photo’s. Our Club wants to thank Ken for his participation.

So what better way to show off our Member's El Caminos, than with an article with vehicle information & before and after stories and photos in the My Ride section of the newsletter and website.

I would like to remind everyone, that Nominations for 2011 officers will be scheduled at our November meeting. Installation of newly elected officers will be effective in January.

Hey, members your suggestions and input about these subjects...are important as always. Feel free to contact any of our officers with your thoughts.

My Two Seat Sweet Ride… Carl