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About the El Camino
Classics Car Club

The El Camino Classics Club is a group of El Camino and Chevelle enthusiasts. We are located in the North Seattle area of Washington State. While many of our members own El Caminos and Chevelles, we are an open club and we welcome all local car enthusiasts interested in Cruising, Car Shows, Drag Racing, and Bench Racing.

A vibrant and successful club will come from our member's interests, and their commitment to having open communications & to share their views and talents with other members. Two of the best ways to communicate, are to post a monthly meeting update thru our web site as well as a quarterly newsletter.

The web site and the newsletter contain monthly meeting discussions & cover any old and new business as well as a consensus of the club's activities, cruises, etc. and to add a member's El Camino, with an article and photos about their vehicle. See My Ride Page.

Here is a photo of our Brick that we purchased and is sitting out in the walkway in front of the LeMayes Car Museum in Tacoma, WA.

LeMayes Brick

Contact info for an Officer of the Club is found here.

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