My Ride


Mike Bull's
1967 El Camino

Owner: Mike Bull
Year: 1967
Paint: Black
Engine: 327
Transmission: 4 Speed

The Love of EI Camino

My first EI Camino purchase was in 1966. It was green in color with black interior. Equipped with a 327 with a four speed tranny. My 2nd EI Camino purchase was at Premier Motors. It was bought in 2003 at 20 K more than I paid for my first one. It is a 1967, black in color with black interior. It came with the original 327 matching numbers. It also has 4 speed tranny. The 67' came with only 67 K original miles. It is a very attractive machine with comments about how clean and nice it looks everywhere I take it. I purchased 5 spoke American Wheels to complete the look.

MikeBull's 1967At King Charley's EI Camino show my daughter took a picture of the car. In the picture there is a reflection of Matt's 69 EI Camino showing in my quarter panel. My daughter entered the picture in the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe and it took 1st place, merit award, and $50 award for amateur.

Highlights of car shows
2007 Kla Ha Ya days Snohomish. It won featured best 60s era car. It also took the trophy for best of class.

2010 Cruise to Colby I won Best of Class award.

MikeBull's 1967In the 9 years I have owned the EI Camino I have been able to take home a dozen or so awards.
Snohomish Car Show '07, '08,'09, '10- first place stock truck

Rock Church Car Show '07, '09 - first place stock truck

EI Camino Chevelle Show '09 - 3rd place, '12 - 2nd place

I have not changed the engine, only keep it clean. Lost a rocker, so I had to replace the valve and put it back together. Just have it tuned up myself, with my son-in-law. I have gone to the Good Guys show twice, Auburn car show 3 times and I have taken it to the Ballard and Edmonds shows.

Mike Bull's 1967


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