My Ride


Matt Brown's
1970 El Camino

Owner: Matt Brown
Year: 1970
Paint: Red/Black
Engine: 350
Transmission: 350 Turbo automatic

Matt Browns 1970I have known that I wanted an El Camino since the time I was six. This was because I was collecting Matchbox cars and had received a 1970 El Camino model. I knew it had to be a 1970 and no other year, in fact I started to amaze my family with the fact that I could identify the difference in the years even though I was only six.

Well when I was getting older I knew I still wanted that El Camino but as events played out I ended up buying a 1956 Ford F-100, I know, FORD… But as I tore into my new car in my driveway, since I could not drive it yet as I was only 14, it Restorationbecame more apparent that it was going to need a complete restoration. So I was on look out for a car that I would be able to drive.

That’s when I found the one that would become known as “Jessica”. I fell in loved with the red and black, and the sound of the exhaust. We bought her that day, though still unable to drive her alone, since I was only 15 and only had a drivers permit. Though when I turnedPaitning 16 and started to drive her alone, the trouble started almost instantly with the first encounter with the police just 3 weeks later.

Jessica has changed a lot since that day I brought her home. The work started slowly at first, with just new chrome, emblems, lights and other little things then growing into major projects. In 2008, I installed a new 350, to replace the original numbers matching 350; the original will be reinstalled one day. Also the interior was redone. In 2009 a new transmission was installed. And in 2010, my friends and I redid the bodywork and paint. Since 2005 Jessica has been daily driven, except for severe snow days. Starting with 88,000 miles Paint & Enginewhen I purchased her, I have taken her another 60,000 miles.

Jessica is a 1970 El Camino Custom that was built in Van Nuys, CA and sold at Ted Green Chevrolet in Torrance, CA. She currently has a 350 and a Turbo 350 running 3:36s in an open rear end. She is mostly stock though she has been updated for daily driving and performance, these updates include MSD ignition, Hooker Headers, along with modern H4 xenon headlights with Halo rings, a Custom Auto Sound stereo with Sony speakers, a Sony amplifier and 2 Sony 12” Subwoofers. The bed is covered with a Craftec bed cover. She is running with 15” Cragar S/S wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial T/As, 225/60s up front and 275/60s in the rear.

Finished Look

~ Matt Brown


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