My Ride


APRIL 2012

Date: 04/15/2012

We're looking forward to the spring time this year, this initiates a better chance to socialize with friends and family. One of our missions of the Club, is to have an active and successful interaction with our membership, with focus on having fun socializing and helping out our members and families as needed. I personally feel the respect and compassion within our membership. We may be a small group, but the word cohesive come to mind. In our lives' we all have family or friends that need our support in their life, and at times this can be very challenging and (demanding). So just remember good communications (with friends and family) will bring good results. This also applies to the hobby of our Classic cars. Sharing your knowledge with others will help with camaraderie within our Club. Georgia and I want to thank our friends and family that have made our relationship with you all very close and special.

As a Club on a mission, we're all excited to be hosting our Club's 20th year.

The EI Camino Classics members have hosted very successful shows in the past years and this gives us conformances that our 20th year ... will be Bigger & Better with a little support from all you EI Camino & Chevelle owners, (Lovers). We also want to put a Big Thanks out to our friends in our Sister Clubs. It's your support that has made our annual King Charley's Shows such a successful and fun event each year. This year, the Everett Holiday Inn will again be our Host Hotel. We are pleased to say that our Club is looking forward to visiting with you all in the Host Suite, Saturday afternoon & evening before the Show. All Show information is on our web site.

We have had two cruises this year and looking forward to a few more as the weather improves. Cruise articles by members are within this newsletter ... fun times.

This newsletter will also feature Gary Countryman's 1960 EI Camino, this article tells a very interesting journey of before and after with photos. With Gary and his '60 EI Camino in their restoration journey ... you could say his Elky has taken the road less traveled ... What a great way to show off our Member's EI Camino, by featuring them in the "MY Ride" section of the newsletter and web site! Our Club wants to thank Gary for his participation.

Hey members-your suggestions and input about these subjects are important as always.

Feel free to contact any of our officers with your thoughts.

My Two Seat Sweet Ride ... Carl