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OCTOBER 2011 ~ Members articles

Date: 10/15/2011

Terry Taylor's Show 2011 Adventures!

My story deals with several of the shows I've attended this year. Two of the more memorable ones were the trip to Lee Johnson Chevrolet with Carl Riley and a couple of other members from other clubs. It was a nice day, not too hot, and although a short trip, it was fun to play follow the leader down I-405 that morning. We got lots of looks and finger-pointers along the way. They had plenty of "goodies" there to eat and everyone was very nice, thanked us for coming. The other show I especially liked and have some good memories from is the one to Les Gove Park that was put on by Yesterdays Club with several of our own club members in a tandem from Marysville to Everett, then Auburn. We got lots of looks that day too! And in the end, several of our members took home trophies including yours truly! All in all, it has been a very fun year attending these and other shows and I look forward to even greater things next year!
Terry Taylor – 1970 El Camino Owner – Member
~ Terry Taylor

Yesterday's El Camino and Chevelle Show 2011

This year I chose to go to the Yesterday's Chevelle and El Camino Car Show that was in Auburn at Les Grove Park. I went a few years ago and enjoyed the extensive amounts of excellent Cars that were on display and wanted to see them again. Since our club is a sister club, most of the EL Camino Classics' members thought that it would be great idea to attend their show this year. We met at MacDonald's on 1287th in the morning and drove as a group to the show and arrived at the right time to be able to get positioned in the rows that they had set up for each year. There was Carl Riley with his 1967 El Camino, Terrry Taylor with his 1970 El Camino, Mike Strauss with his 1970 also, Ken Baker with his 1980 El Camino and last but not necessarily the best Matthew (ME) with my 1969 El Camino.

It is one thing to go down the road with a row of classic rods! Man it is cool to see all the eyes googling the vehicles as they drive down the road. I tried to pass Terry, about half way but got the don't do that waving finger. Last cruise Terry and I went on He rodded around and I gave him a little guff about it. As a group it is nice to try to stay together going somewhere, and not hold the peddle to the meddle, as not all of us want to get tickets. And besides some of us like to keep our rides in nice working order. Who's that rich to just throw a rod anyways?

We all got to go around and vote for our favorites in each category/year and let me tell you it was difficult (as most public voting shows are) to make choices for each class. The day started off nice, the weather was to be a hot one. I guess the previous year was not so nice to the Yesterday's club with too much rain. You know how us classic rodeos get. No rust is best when you have a show car! Well it got to the point where I wanted to even take my shirt off Whoo it was HOT! I remember that sun burn hurt for the next few days - but it was worth it.

Normally there are lots of things to do at a car show. First there is the music that you can listen too, the DJ there did a great job! He had trivia questions for songs and TV shows that went on in the time that these great cars were standard on the road….There is almost always raffle items… some of which I had great interest in…. so I put all of my tickets in that bucket…. against the best advice Carl could give me. He had previously won many items raffle situations and I wanted to listen to his thoughtful and lucky advice, but totally went against it… ha ha. Some of the items were folding tables & chairs for picnicking, hats, t-shirts, a vacuum power booster, other misc. car cleaning products etc… The Yesterday's Club did a great job - it is not easy to get these items together for a show…. let alone organize and host a show.

Overall there were tons of great Chevelle's and El Camino's to see - from every generation. We all had tons of fun hanging out at a location near Carls's sweet ride, under the shade of his tent, and not to forget that Ken was the BBQ master. Thanks Ken for thinking of bringing food! I normally just get things from the vendors, which I did also… 3 Ice creams! Thanks Ice Cream Gal! I also had a wonderful dog and remember talking to two other El Camino/Chevelle Owners at the table I ate that dog at. Man it was a nice day… Oh I can't forget to let this little bit out… three of us got trophies! and I won that thing I had in the raffle…. I normally do not win raffles and or get a trophy! I think this was one of the best shows I have been too. Too bad it can't happen every day! Hope to see you all again at another show! Or just crusing around.

A BIG thank you to Yesterday's Chevelle and El Camino Club
for putting on yet again another great show!

~ Matthew Forsythe

Marysville Globe Reporter
Aug 03 2011
This is one the reasons I chose to attend this Car Shows…it’s for the cause. 
The Kumon Math and Reading Centers’ Marysville branch hosted a great day for a car show, especially one supporting the Susan G. Komen “3 Day for the Cure” breast cancer research fundraising walk this fall.
Marysville resident Carl Riley, who parked his 1967 Chevrolet El Camino in front of the Kumon offices, was happy to help out a charitable cause by showing off what’s become an ongoing project for him. He admitted that he’s devoted almost all of the 10 years that he’s owned his car to restoring it. “You always find something new to work on,” Riley laughed. What began as a restoration of the dashboard led to the installation of power brakes and steering, followed by a chrome treatment and a spray-job on the bed liner. “I had an El Camino when I was 21 or 22, so when I turned 50, I needed a birthday present. It’s all about reliving our youth for a lot of these guys here. These cars bring back good memories for us.”

~ My Two Seat Ride…Carl

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