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Yesterdays Chevelle & El Camino Show 2013

This year has been very hectic for me. I’ve been trying to do my best to direct the El Camino Classics Club, barely having time to maintain the Club’s website and settling into my newest job. This makes it difficult to enjoy the summer and all the great shows that are available for classic car owners.

With all this in mind, I was able to attend one other show. Thank goodness! One of our sister clubs, Yesterdays Chevelle and El Camino Club, had their show located in Tacoma, WA, at Griot’s Garage. It is an interesting location for a show and I like the way Griot’s has set up their grounds for car enthusiasts to be able to have shows. There is a circular parking lot with a grassy patch in the middle. The cars park on a pavement parking lot around the grass and then walk around to enjoy the other vehicles that attend. Griot’s also had a special package where they offer a car owner to be picked from a pool to have their car detailed. This is a neat way for Griot’s to show off their products sold in the store next to the show. One of the Yesterdays members was lucky enough to have a two foot section of his El Camino polished and detailed! Last year one of our Club members, Matt Brown, had this special treatment done to his El Camino!

Our Club had two members attend this 2013 show, Gary Countryman with his 1960 El Camino and myself with my 1969 El Camino. I had been pushing the idea that more of our members should go to this show since Yesterdays had so many of their members at our Clubs show. I really wanted to show more support from our Club at this show so let’s make it a reminder for next year to have more El Camino Classics members attend the Yesterdays show in 2014! There were about fifty cars at this show, I made a few new friends that have great cars and found out about a cruise in that happens in Tacoma. I was lucky enough to win a door prize (a screwdriver set). The food I enjoyed was a pulled pork sandwich for lunch and a popsicle in the warm afternoon! I have attended the Yesterdays Show before when it was in the park in Auburn, where I won first place due to being the only ’69 that attended. This year there was one more 1969 El Camino owner that introduced himself to me saying how he thought that for sure I’d get first place, as it turned out he was first and I was second! I really don’t think that a show is all about who gets first place, it is a nice thing to have happen to you but I never expect it. A car show to me is all about enjoying the classic cars that a club like Yesterdays is all about preserving and other people who appreciate classics like the El Camino and Chevelle!

Long Live Classics Car Shows! ~ Matthew Forsythe