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January 2013 Cruise

January Cruise to Kayak Point Park

The January cruise was scheduled for the last weekend in January but the weather decided it took priority and we had to wait ‘till February second. We had 12 cars/owners who RSVP’d and one extra car that showed up. Carl’s 55 was the oldest car in the group and there was a new Challenger R/T Hemi car and a daily driver PT cruiser full of kids. 6 Chevys and 7 Mopars were there.

The weather was dry, but there was a persistent fog that was trying to burn off, but seemed to want to linger. We headed up Highway 9 northbound and the fog got quite thick in some places. We turned left to Smokey Point and there were clouds there too. Seems the lights on 531 aren’t timed to let 8 cars through without changing back to red. We got split up and one car didn’t make it to Burger King, it was seen making a left turn where it should have gone right and was never seen again…

We continued on the rest of the way to the park and about 5 minutes after leaving Smokey Point the sun came out!! It made for a very nice cruise to the park. As we entered the park there were 2 park rangers walking along the road and I heard one of them say “Wow, look at all the nice cars.” And I thought yes this is a nice group we have today.

We found lots of parking down by the beach and everyone walked around checking out the cars and the park, enjoying the sunny day. We enjoyed a casual picnic lunch and taking pictures of all the cars. The scenery was great, even had a pair of Bald Eagles visit us to see the shiny cars.

About 3:00 the afternoon breeze started to pick up and reminded us that it is still winter and it was time to get back on the road to go back home. By 3:30 President Matthew & Val and I were the last two cars to pull out to go home. Looking forward to a February cruise, Keep an eye on the weather because this time of year we need to be flexible about when we get out with our cars. If you have a favorite destination that you would like to see us go to, let me know, I’m open for any and all suggestions. I’m sure everyone else would like to go to a new place also. Also, these cruises are open to all makes of cars so tell your friends about them and get more people involved. See you on the next cruise!!

We missed those who could not make it for this fun run! Hopefully the next Cruise we plan will have even more members!